Is this the real Ghost of Christmas? (video)

Eerie silhouette appears on CCTV in Peru

This is the creepy moment of a mysterious silhouette that appears to emerge from a house and climb onto the bonnet of a car, where a group of youngsters are drinking alcohol, before roaming the streets of a city in Peru. The eerie sequence of events has led locals in the winter sports and adventure mecca of Huaraz to dub the unexplained shadow of the Ghost of Christmas. TV stations in the South American country have helped the images, picked up by street cameras, to go viral. MPHZ Citizen Security, the council-controlled organization whose CCTV was behind the startling footage, has insisted no manipulation occurred and has been unable to explain the shadow. The footage was filmed in the early hours of Christmas Day and posted on MPHZ’s Facebook page on Wednesday with the headline: ‘CCTV cameras capture paranormal activity’. It shows a silhouette emerging from the house near a parked yellow car, where a group of youngsters were drinking alcohol, before resting on their bonnet for several seconds and then moving off along the street. A spokesman for the camera operators said: ‘CCTV operators were monitoring a yellow car where the occupants were drinking alcohol, near Jr. Atusparia Street and South Confraternity, when they witnessed to their surprise what appeared to be paranormal activity.