James Bond and Sherlock Holmes call for an end to refugee crisis (vid)

The tragedy could not leave the two stars untouched

The refugee crisis and hundreds of deaths on the dangerous sea crossing to Europe have moved Daniel Craig and Bendict Cumberbatch – famous for portraying the characters of James Bond and Sherlock Holmes respectively. They join forces in spreading the message for compassion so that the tragedy can stop!

In an impassioned plea, Cumberbatch, calls for compassion and asks for donations for the Save the Children fund that helps Syrian refugees.

He shares the experience of a friend from Lesvos where around 5,000 refugees arrive daily. Sources state that the Save the Children fund has managed to gather 150,000 pounds to help refugees.

On his part, Craig joined the chorus of concern for desperate people fleeing war and persecution. “There is a human tragedy going on. It is up to European governments to step forward and get this sorted,” he told AFP newsagency.