Kammenos awaits … proof Yanis didn’t work for Soros Foundation!

Ex-FinMin offered to give away his motorcycle to anyone that could prove he worked for a hedge fund, as the bombastic appeared to claim

The now former coalition partner in SYRIZA’s seven-month government until August, outspoken ex-DM Panos Kammenos, on Friday continued to target Yanis Varoufakis with indirect allegations and innuendo about the latter’s intentions while finance minister.

Kammenos claimed that Varoufakis, himself one of the more … flamboyant members of the previous Tsipras government, knew of the Schauble proposal for Grexit before the German minister had even tabled the idea to his eurozone counterparts.

The rightist-populist and until recently anti-memorandum political leader referred to a “strange role” played by Varoufakis.

“Based on the games theory, he (Varoufakis) told the Greek government that the chances of its views winning out were 50-50, without explaining what the (second) 50 meant if we lost … he also didn’t answer questions over a Plan B,” was the way Kammenos phrased it.

Kammenos also tried to sidestep Varoufakis’ challenge for anyone to prove that he ever worked a day for a hedge fund, with the former did a day ago, merely replacing “fund” with a well-known “foundation” created by a billionaire investor.

“It has not been confirmed, but it also hasn’t been disproved that he (Varoufakis) worked for the Soros Foundation.”