LAOS party calls for annulment of Prespes Agreement in letter to EU

The populist party accused the Greek government of disregarding the will of the Greek people

The leader of Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS), George Karatzaferis submitted a letter to the European Parliament calling for the annulment of the Prespes Agreement, characterising it despicable, while accusing the Greek government of violating Community law and citing the potential damage caused by the deal throughout the EU by the loss of market brands, subsequent loss in tax revenue and the increase of unemployment.

Mr Karatzaferis sent the Appeal – Report to MEP Wikstroem, who is chairing the European Parliament’s Committee on Petitions.
In his letter, the head of LAOS, among other things, underlined the fact that the Greek government had ignored the sentiment of the vast majority of the Greek people, who according to public opinion polls opposed the concession of the name Macedonia to the Slav-speaking country of FYROM.
The conservative-populist party of LAOS had been part of a government of “national unity” led by banker Lucas Papademos in 2011 but departed in 2012 over the imposition of more austerity measures.