Lavrentiadis and co-defendents exonorated of attempted murder of hotelier Athenagoras Andreadakis

By unanimous decision

Laurentis Laurentiadis and six co-defendants who faced serious charges in a case of attempted murder of hotelier Athenagoras Andreadakis were judged innocent of having placed an explosive device in a flowerpot intended for the plaintiff.

The verdict of both judges and jurors for the acquittal of the seven defendants was unanimous, with the exception of one of them for whom the acquittal verdict was 4-3 for some of the actions that had been attributed to him.

The victim of the homicide attempt testified that Laurentiadis had nothing to do with the flowerpot that had been sent to him with an explosive device that exploded in his hands.

According to the victim’s deposition, the murder attempt against the hotelier took place on June 15, 2012 through the delivery of an “explosive” flowerpot to his home in Vouliagmeni. After the case was investigated, it was referred to the criminal court, with the judges indicting Laurentiadis as the instigator of the attack, as well as six other defendants.

In 2014, the hotelier had submitted a statement to the judge investigating the case saying that Lavrentis Lavrentiadis had no connection with the attempted murder.