Low temperatures and snowfall all over Greece!

Thick snowfall on the islands!

The snowfall and the low temperatures have created problems all over Greece. Many roads have closed and mountain villages have been cut off.


In Thessaloniki the temperature reached -8 caused water pipelines to freeze cutting water supply to many thousands houses.


Heavy vehicles are not allowed to move for safety reasons at least until Monday morning.


The local authorities and the police are mobilizing all specialized equipment and relevant forces necessary to keep the main roads open and people safe.


Cars on the highway Corinth-Patras have been experiencing major problems as the road closed down due to heavy snowfall on multipole points.


Central Greece, especially in Magnesia, has also experienced heavy snowfall during the last hours. Even in the center of Volos city the temperature was -7 and everything was white.


At Chania in Crete, the temperature reached -14! The frost and thick snowfall made car movement almost impossible, despite the efforts of the authorities.


One can see the same picture in Heraklion and Lasithi, where villages have been covered under thick snow.


The island of Lesvos, Chios, Skopelos have been hit really hard by the phenomena, something rare for the Aegean Sea.