Madonna’s bare skin Instagram posts (photos)

Madonna, 58, continues to show skin

Madonna has never been one to hold her tongue when it comes to her opinion. The same can be said for her physical appearance, which, since she became a pop icon in the 1980s, has been the subject of countless media controversies. This continued on Saturday, May 6th, as the 58 year-old singer (born Madonna Louise Ciccone) posted a couple of revealing photos of herself on her Instagram account. The first photo shows Madonna’s mouth and bare shoulders with various assortments of jewelry and necklaces. The Grammy-winning actress also looks to be sporting a gold-and-diamond grill, which seemed to correlate with the caption: “Gold.”


The second photo is even more revealing, as Madonna takes a snap of herself lying naked on her side, exposing most all of her backside and the lower part of her breasts. Fan reaction was wildly varied in the comment section, but most seemed to be supportive of her revealing images, with one viewer writing “You are the best!”