March 25 military parade held in Athens under the sound of “Macedonia famous” (videos)

The Presidential Guard received great applause by the gathered crowd

The military parade of the Greek armed forces took place with great splendour in Athens in celebration of the nation’s Independence Day of March 25.
Military servicemen and women put on their best display of discipline and precision as they marched in front of the Greek parliament before a large crowd who were cheering them on

A noteworthy moment was when the unit of the Presidential Guards (Evzones) paraded before the podium with the dignitaries and politicians under as the military band was playing the song “Macedonia Famous”, an anthem that has caused great contention among political parties as the government has strived to fade it out following the Prespa Agreement.

The “famous Macedonia” song was received with a roar of applause by the public.

The Hellenic AirForce also contributed to the day’s celebratory atmosphere with fighter jets roaring through the blue skies of Attica, while motorised units of the army went down the main street in front of Syntagma Square.