Mark Zuckerberg explains why he wears the same t-shirt every time

During a Q&A event

Mark Zuckerberg has finally answered the burning question: Why does he wear the same T-Shirt every single day?

For those who have not noticed, the founder and CEO of Facebook very seldom wears anything other than a gray t-shirt in most public events he has attended.

While all those interested were waiting for a “playful” answer from the young billionaire, he answered truthfully during the first ever Facebook Q&A event.

Zuckerberg, along with senior executives of Facebook answered 13 questions from a list posted by attendees on the “Q&A with Mark” webpage.

“I really want to make my life easier so that I have to make a minimum amount of decisions not relating to those that serve the good of the community”. He also clarified he has many of the same t-shirt…