Massive fire in Ibiza (video)

Hotels evacuated

A massive fire has erupted on the party island of Ibiza sending British holidaymakers scrambling for shelter.
Photos show people watching on in shock as the massive forest fire towers over Port des Torrent, an area on the island’s southwest coast.
Unconfirmed reports on social media state a hotel is on fire, while another person claimed the blaze was causing gas canisters to explode.
Footage shows planes ferrying huge containers of water back and forth over the town as officials dump water to try and contain the blaze.
Authorities said at least three helicopters and fire engines are working to contain it, while nearby affected streets have been diverted or closed.
About 20 homes and three restaurants containing 70 people have now been evacuated.
Victoria Woollaston wrote on Twitter: “Fire has evacuated the beach, and planes with water & buckets flying over. Cordon put in place as gas canisters exploding.”
Another person stated: “MY MUMS HOTEL IS ON FIRE IN IBIZA FFS.”
DJ Adam Masters added: “Just bumped into some guys who said it’s mainly woodland or bush land so hopefully everyone’s ok.”
Kristy Linton wrote: “Fire outside our hotel in Ibiza port de torrent!!! Helicopters and planes dropping water.