Measles alert! 350,000 children and adults in danger!

Only 100,000 portions only available!

At least 350,000 children in Greece, aged 15 months to 4 years old, are in danger of being exposed to measles as they have either not received vaccination at all or received it incorrectly. The number of Greeks born after 1970 who have received a dose – or none – of the measles vaccine remains unknown. The shocking data was revealed by professor of
of pediatrics, and chairman of the Hellenic Pediatric Society, Andreas Konstantopoulos on Thursday, who stressed the need for the immediate vaccination of the population that was still unprotected. The information comes at a time when the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) released troubling data on the development of the disease as the latest epidemiological report says the number of cases has risen to 196.

Mr. Konstantopoulos reiterated the need to inform the people about public health problems, especially the refusal of some to vaccinate their children and the need to protect the most vulnerable groups in society.
Based on current data by experts for non-vaccinated population, the Health Ministry’s announcement that the 100,000 portion of measles vaccines would suffice raises serious questions about the authority’s readiness to ensure the necessary amounts of vaccines.The Greek Pediatric Society estimates that at least 350,000 children and a large number of adults need vaccination rendering the 100,000 portions insufficient!