Meet “Goliath”: From puny teen to giant (photos-video)

He gained 210 pounds in muscle

A scrawny teenager has turned into a muscle-bound bodybuilder after devoting himself to the gym and gaining 210 pounds – saying his training regime had ‘saved me from taking my own life’.

Graig Golias spent 10 years training six days a week – for an hour and a half at a time – to transform his body after he ‘didn’t like what he saw in the mirror’ as a child.

Now 35 and living in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 6’3″ bodybuilder weighs 350 pounds and works as an online coach.

However, he admitted that his training regime made him ‘addicted’ to the gym and ‘obsessed’ with his appearance.

Craig, who is originally from Ohio and once weighed only 140 pounds, said some people are ‘shocked’ when they see him but often ask him for tips.

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