Meet Greek pilot Kosmas Chalaris, NATO’s “Best Warrior”

He was voted during NATO’s 18-3 Tactical Leadership Program (TLP)

Captain Kosmas Chalaris of the 331 Squadron, from the 114th Combat Wing, was voted “Best Warrior” during NATO’s 18-3 Tactical Leadership Program (TLP).

The Hellenic Air Force (HAF) pilot spoke to Athens News Agency and its radio station, “104.9 FM Agency”, detailing his experience in the demanding drills he and his colleagues took part in during the NATO Tactical Leadership Program noting the success of the HAF was the product of professionalism an sheer dedication.

“You have to really want it, because especially the training and drills, both at school, as well as later on, is extremely demanding and laborious. So the first step you need is to really want it, while the next one is obviously to work as much as possible, to sacrifice things, like personal time with the family or whatever it entails…”, he said.

Responding to how his other NATO pilot colleagues choose him as the best warrior, he said: “As the vote is cast by every participant there at School, I cannot tell you exactly what everyone else was thinking. What we are trying to do as a HAF, all of the pilots is to do what we do every day, to show professionalism, to be ready, to stand firmly on our two feet, and the rest comes as a natural consequence. So, we don’t go out to get the first spot, but to do what we do every day and the rest come by itself.”

Kosmas says what is needed for someone to be a good pilot are the desire to aim consistently high and give more than 100%, as much as possible and within one’s capacities. He says if you do that success will come naturally.
“I love the whole Aegean Sea”, in response to a question of which part of the sea he loves the most.