Meet the 2nd-oldest person in the world from Greece (photos)

Katerina Karnarou turned 114 last week

Katerina Karnarou from the town of Krestena in the Peloponnese turned 114 years old and is now the second-oldest living person in the world after Japan’s, Kanake Tanaka, who is 116 years old.

According to all official documents and electronic records (social security number, ID number, etc), Mrs. Karnarou was born on July 25, 1905, so she and her grandchildren, Tassos and Dimitris Karnaros, made a cake a few days ago. especially for her, with a 114 candle on it!

As her relatives and friends told local newspaper Patris, they are trying to collect all the necessary documents and send them to the Guinness World Book of Records!