MEP Kaili: Communist criminals killed my grandfather!

MEP uses harsh words against SYRIZA government in op ed

Member of the European Parliament from the PASOK party in Greece, Eva Kaili blasted the leftist SYRIZA led Greek government in an op-ed in a Sunday newspaper regarding the crimes committed by communists in the past. Commenting on the uproar caused by the decision by the Greek government to refrain from attending a conference on crimes committed by communist regimes in the past organised by the Estonian government, Ms. Kaili accused SYRIZA of committing hubris against all Greeks by refusing to accept lvalues, historical memory, language, tradition, excellence in education. In her article the MEP personally addressed Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis using harsh words: “Kontoni, listen up. My grandfather was killed by communist criminals. Communist criminals burnt down my family house after stealing everything.” She went on to write that the historical memories were rooted inside her and would never be forgotten. “This treacherous government, which is selling off the property of the Greek people at the demands of foreigners, has no ideology, but only selfishness, fanatic obsessions, and a plan for the deconstruction and demolition of the state”, she wrote. Responding to the MEP, Health Minister Pavlos Polakis indirectly accused her grandparent of being a German collaborator and traitor in a contemptuous Facebook post. “Had you cried over your grandfather in the past, or is this the first time, due to Estonia, Stalinism and the transfer season to New Democracy?”, he wrote.

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