Merkel, ‘Mother of all refugees’ takes selfies with migrants in Berlin (pics)

Germany to receive quadruple number of refugees in 2015

As we have written in a past article, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has managed to gain a spot in the hearts of many refugees entering Germany. Merkel is doing what she can to boost the image of the “Mother of all refugees”, as she visited a refugee center in Berlin and took selfies with many of the people hosted there. Once the refugees noticed her presence they rushed to greet her and asked to take selfies with her. The German Chancellor did not disappoint them as she happily obliged. As the German media report this was the refugees’ way of expressing their gratitude and love to the ‘iron lady’ of European politics for her policy of acceptance towards them. Germany is preparing to receive 800,000 asylum seekers, a number 4 times higher than the initial plans of 2014.


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