Merkel to Tsipras: Push through reforms, reduce unemployment

Kudos from Juncker as well, who reportedly said he was confident of SYRIZA victory

Re-elected Greek PM Alexis Tsipras was the recipient of various calls by international leaders on Monday in the wake of his party’s first-place showing on Sunday, with reports stating that in her phone call Angela Merkel referred to Greece’s monstrous unemployment rate and the refugee / migrant crisis.
In his message, EC President Jean Claude Juncker reportedly told Tsipras that “my friend Alexis, you must hurry to implement the memorandum”. He high-profile European statesman is also quoted as saying he was certain of Tsipras and SYRIZA’s win.
Merkel added, according to the same sources, that reforms must be accelerated so the joblessness is reduced in the country. She also broached the migration crisis, given that Greece is a “front-line” EU member.
The re-elected Greek leader will have a chance to exchange views in person during a EU summit on Wednesday.