Composer Theodorakis backs referendum 'no' in post appearing on far-leftist site

Many Greek and Cypriot professors and educators endorse letter

In a letter published in hard-core left site ‘’, which fervently supports Panagiotis Lafazanis’s left platform grouping within ruling Syriza and a return to a national currency (the “drachma lobby” crowd), renowned Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis called on the leftist Greek government to abandon a policy of what he called “harsh austerity” and fall-back on a “no” vote during a recent referendum.

Theodorakis, who turned 90 on Wednesday, supported a letter signed by several academics, intellectuals and writers, mostly on the leftist side of the political spectrum, who claimed implementing these bail out plans was a breach of the Greek Constitution, as well as European and International Law. They claim austerity measures have caused the greatest social and economic disaster in post-WW2 Europe.

They continue by saying that Greece is being used as a ‘guinea pig’ to destroy European democracy and the social welfare state on the continent, while arguing that in order for the Greek people to maintain a minimum of moral and material dignity the catastrophic programs must end, preferably in a mutual agreement with the other EU countries, otherwise unilaterally.

The signatories warn that the new ‘humiliating and ‘illegal’ agreement Greece was forced to accept will lead to the looting of state and private property of Greece, including the homes of Greek citizens and farmers’ land.