Military scenario to take over Greek islands presented by Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak

The extreme newspaper says 16 Greek islands are illegally armed

Turkish newspaper “Yeni Safak” publishes a provocative piece outlining the military operation by Turkish forces to demilitarise the Aegean islands with Greek troops stationed there in the event of a conflict with Greece.

“In the event of war (with Greece), the first goal of the Turkish Armed Forces will be the Aegean islands”, the piece says in the pro-government newspaper, presenting its readers with a front page headline and maps of the operation.

With the front page headline reading “Give an account for the Aegean”, the newspaper puts forward the Turkish narrative about the “demilitarisation” of 16 Greek islands, but also about the supposed 152 islands, islets and rocky islets included in the famous “EGAYDAAK” list with which Turkey directly disputes their Greek sovereignty.

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The article writes says: “Without any legal right in the Eastern Mediterranean according to international law, Greece has signed a pirate agreement with Egypt. Oruc Reis has entered Turkey’s exclusive economic zone, pursuing its research activities. The Greeks, who have become the source of tension in the Mediterranean with their actions, have been violating the international treaties in the Aegean islands for years. Athens is illegally arming the Aegean islands, something that is forbidden. Specifically, 16 islands, “demilitarized” according to international treaties, are heavily armed “.