Mitsotakis: Economic growth only via liberal reforms

ND leader met with former Portuguese PM Coello

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, president of Greece’s main opposition party New Democracy (ND), said the only solution to the current economic crisis was the implementation of liberal reforms, during his meeting with former Portuguese PM Pedro Passos Coello in Portugal. ‘It is clear that only liberal reforms, which support the real economy and attract private investments, can offer growth prospects in the county’, Mitsotakis underscored. He continued by pointing out that the current left government in Greece was undermining such liberal reforms, which was the main problem against the sustainability of the Greek economy, adding that Portugal was partly facing a similar problem with their current government. The two men discussed the challenges Greece, Portugal and the EU were facing, with Mitsotakis underlining that the two Mediterranean countries had gone through a similar harsh fiscal adjustment program. ‘Only Portugal managed to exit the fiscal adjustment program under Coello, while our country is unfortunately still under a 3rd extremely painful memorandum, as a result of the problematic policies of the current government’, Mitsotakis said. Mitsotakis claimed the challenges facing the EU could not be addressed by the left.