Mitsotakis: Greek expats voting bill must pass with support of 300 MPs

The Greek PM addressed his party’s committee

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced his intention to dissociate the votes of Greek expatriates from the new electoral law process.

Speaking at the first post-election meeting of New Democracy’s (ND) Political Committee which convened Wednesday afternoon to elect a new secretary, the PM said the voting rights of the Greeks abroad from their permanent places of residence was a priority of his administration and “a relevant regulation would soon be introduced independently in Parliament”.

He continued by expressing hope that the necessary parliamentary convergence on the issue, underlining that if there ever was a bill which warranted the support of all 300 deputies this was it.

In his speech, the Greek PM made reference to the widening appeal of the party on society, noting: “As a government, we claim to be the government of all Greeks, as a party we must become the progressive stream of as many Greeks as possible.”

Addressing the voters of ND, but also those who viewed the new government with reservations, the prime minister stressed that his task was to unite all citizens in a major progressive stream of regeneration in Greece.

Talking about the commemoration of the 200 years since the Revolution of 1821 against the Ottoman Empire, he underlined that it should become an impetus for a new creative stream of Hellenism to be launched and at the same time an opportunity to provide the Nation with its new self-knowledge and infuse it with confidence, extroversion, and a leading role. “It is time for us modern Greeks to make our own revolution in the 21st century,” he stressed.