Moralis : “Our problem is that shipowners left from Piraeus”

Yannis Moralis during his interview in TV channel MEGA expressed his opinion that Piraeus should be compared to the big European ports such as Rotterdam , Antwerp and Barcelona

Among other things, Mr. Morali pointed out that the shipowners must return to Piraeus.

“Our problem is that shipowners left from Piraeus” the candidate for Piraeus mayor said underlying the appreciation that people of Pireaus have towards shipowners.

Mr Moralis also noted that the main shareholder of Olympiakos FC, Vangelis Marinakis, is a businessman with a political position, who will participate regularly in the city council meetings.

He also pledged to claim resources from community programs without asking for money from the central government and opposed to the transfer of the courthouse from the city center .

“It’s very important for Piraeus to keep the courts in the city. It would be a major defeat for Piraeus if the courts were moved away from the city centre. ”

Finally, he clarified that he leads a bipartisan ballot, but his ideological identity leans towards the centre-left.