Motion to censure rejected – Protesters are booing the MPs leaving the Parliament (VIDEOS-PHOTOS)

Clashes occurred between protesters & anti-riot police forces

The motion to censure made by the main opposition party of New Democracy against the SYRIZA/ANEL government for the agreement with FYROM, has been rejected.

A total of 280 MPs voted: 153 voted ‘NO’ and 127 voted ‘YES’ thus voting against the government.



However, ANEL’s MP Dimitris Kammenos voted against the coalition government his party is a part of by voting in favor of New Democracy’s motion.


ANEL’s president and minister of Defence Panos Kammenos, reacted immediately sending a letter to the House Speaker, announcing that Dimitris Kammenos is no longer a member of ANEL.


At the same time, people participating in the rally outside the Parliament at Syntagma square, clashed with police forces who used tear-gas and flash-bang grenades against the protesters.


Members of the organization committee denounced the actions of the police force, accusing them of attacking the protesters for no apparent reason and without warning.



Protesters were booing the MPs as they were leaving the Parliament.