Muslim Miss Russia pageant receives threats (photos-video)

Many have abused her online saying she is a shame to her family

Diana Nagoyeva, 19, qualified for the finals of the Miss Russia beauty contest but her decision to compete has sparked outrage at home.
She comes from the traditional Muslim society of south-western Russia’s Kabardino-Balkar Republic where many residents are unhappy about the mandatory swimwear round.
Unlike many of her rivals, Diana has elected to wear a modest closed swimsuit for the photoshoot in the United Arab Emirates resort city of Dubai.
But that has not proved to be sufficient to appease the online haters who are so angry at her flaunting her body that they have been threatening her life.
One blasted: “People should despise those sluts and kill them like dogs at our feet.
“This chick deserves to be stabbed to death as she puts shame on her folk.”
And another added: “I really wish you to die in the near future, as you should not live.”
Diana previously told reporters she doesn’t take the messages to heart.
She even sometimes disarms the haters by sending them a polite reply, wishing them all the best.
The beautiful brunette is a second-year student at the Kabardino-Balkar State University where she is studying hotel hospitality.
She’s played chess since the age of three and recently receiving an award for her prowess.
She also enjoys fencing and swimming and knows sign language.



19-летней Диане Нагоевой нет необходимости переживать, что соперницы по конкурсу «Мисс Россия» подложат ей в туфли осколки стекол. Настоящая опасность грозит красавице из Кабардино-Балкарии за пределами «Барвихи Luxury Village». Снимки Дианы в нижнем белье для анкеты конкурсантки «Мисс Россия» возмутили ее земляков. Девушке поступают угрозы и проклятия. Сама Диана уверяет, что просила организаторов конкурса разрешить ей выступать в закрытом купальнике, однако согласия не получила. Как думаете, у Дианы есть шансы победить?

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