Name of “Upper Macedonia” being floated by FYROM media as proposal

Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Kotzias in Ochrid for a crucial meeting with FYROM counterpart Dimitrov

According to numerous reports by news outlets in the country of FYROM, the government of the small Balkan state is considering proposing the name of “Upper Macedonia”, ahead of the scheduled visit of Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias’s crucial meeting with his counterpart, Nikola Dimitrov in the city of Ochrid, Thursday. The language will be “Macedonian” with some type of asterisk, while the proposal also provides that the nationality for its citizens will be that of “Upper Macedonian”.

The two Ministers are expected to talk about the name dispute and all the pending issues, as well as the “plan B”, sent by Athens as a roadmap for a solution to all the matters of dispute between the two countries.

The Greek Foreign Minister met with his Serbian counterpart Ivica Dacic, who stressed that it was in the interest of both parties to reach a solution on the name dispute.