National Hellenic Museum Debate: The Trial of Megacles

Guilty or Not Guilty? You decide


In the latest installment of the National Hellenic Museum (NHM) Trial Series, Megacles, a leader of Athens, protects Athenian Democracy by deceiving a traitor. Are his actions justified?

JUDGES: Hon. William J. Bauer, Hon. Sharon Johnson Coleman, Hon. Anna H. Demacopoulos, Hon. Charles P. Kocoras, Hon. Richard A. Posner

COUNSEL: Robert A. Clifford, Patrick M. Collins, Tinos Diamantatos, Christina Faklis Adair, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, Dan K. Webb

JURY: Cynthia Photos Abbott, Michael D. Amiridis, PhD, Hon. Louis G. Apostol, George Apostolides, Lori D. Barcliff Baptista, PhD, Anna Davlantes, Anita Knotts, Hon. Anthony C. Kyriakopoulos, Thomas G. Massouras, Heidi Stevens, Paul Gust Vallas, Lorien Yonker

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