ND leads SYRIZA by 8 points in latest MRB poll

ND leader Mitsotakis also leads as the most suitable candidate for PM

Major Greek opposition party New Democracy (ND) holds an 8-point lead against ruling leftist SYRIZA, according to the latest poll conducted by MRB.

In the regular trends survey conducted by the pollster, the pollsters found that ND had 31.3%, with SYRIZA gang 23.3%.
As far as the other parties, Movement for Change (KINAL) had 6.8%, Golden Dawn 6.8%, KKE) Communist party) 6%, Centrists Union 2.3%, River 1.4%, Independent Greeks 1.4%, Greek Solution 1.3% and ANTARSYA 1 %.

With a deduction to the total of those who responded they would be voting for a party, New Democracy’s lead extends to 9.5 percentage points.

The conservative party also leads SYRIZA in terms of the voters’ perception of which party would win the elections with 53.8% against 23.4% for SYRIZA.
Finally, asked about the who they thought was the most suitable candidate for prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis from ND got 32.9% against 24.8% of PM Alexis Tsipras.

When questioned if they thought early parliamentary elections would be called, 20.5% said they believed ear;y elections would be held  before the May 2019 European elections, 36.4% said they would be held with the European elections in May 2019, while 36.1% said they would be announced at the end of the four-year period (September 2019).