Su-57: The Russian stealth fighter jet the US fears (video)

It will be armed with hypersonic missiles

Russia’s Su-57 stealth fighter jet will be armed with hypersonic missiles, according to Tass, a Russian state-owned media outlet.
“In accordance with Russia’s State Armament Program for 2018-2027, Su-57 jet fighters will be equipped with hypersonic missiles,” a Russian defence industry source told Tass.
“The jet fighters will receive missiles with characteristics similar to that of the Kinzhal missiles, but with inter-body placement and smaller size,” the source added.
Moscow said the new Kh-47M2, or Kinzhal, air-launched hypersonic missile can hit speeds of up to Mach 10 and has a range of 1,200 miles. The Tass report also said, “Kinzhal missiles are practically impossible to detect with modern air defence systems.”
In March, Russia successfully test-fired a Kinzhal from a MiG-31BMand is fitting it to a MiG-31K variant.
The Russian military will reportedly receive a small batch of 12 Su-57s next year.