ND sets 3 conditions to break TV landscape deadlock

SYRIZA government faces criticism from within over Polydoras proposal

The Greek government has come under fire, both from opposing political parties, but also from within its own ranks, following its proposal over the weekend of ex-conservative MP and former New Democracy Minister Vyron Polydoras as President of the new National Council of Radio and Television (NCRTV). The council of Presidents of Parliament, a cross-party body, is expected to convene Monday to discuss the formation of the new NCRTV in an effort to break the deadlock on the TV landscape, following the repeal of the government’s TV license tender by the country’s supreme administrative court, the Council of State (CoS) last week after it ruled the law was unconstitutional. Although some high profile government officials backed the Polydoras candidacy for NCRTV President, a number of SYRIZA members expressed their strong objection to the choice, stressing that it should be withdrawn. They argue that since the proposal has already been rejected by all parties, it would be aimless to persist, while withdrawing the proposal would also signal the government’s will to reach a consensual agreement with the other parties to move forward.  Major opposition party New Democracy (ND) expressed strong disagreement to the candidacy, laying out three strict conditions in order to cooperate on the formation of the NCRTV, which include the submission of an amendment in parliament returning all responsibilities regarding the issuing of temporary TV licenses to the NCRTV; the withdrawal of the Polyodras proposal; and the clarification on the part of the government as to the number of national TV licenses it proposes.