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Netflix 2nd only to HBO in Emmy nominations (infographic)

Surpasses traditional TV heavyweights

When Netflix reports its second quarter earnings next week, the company’s shareholders will closely look at how many subscribers the world’s largest video streaming service was able to add in the United States and internationally. According to Netflix, the biggest driver of subscriber additions is the company’s exclusive original content. And, at least according to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the company has been doing a great job with its own TV shows.

When the Academy published its list of nominees for this year’s Emmy Awards, Netflix productions received 91 nods, a significant spike from the 54 nominations the company won in 2016. Trailing only HBO, Netflix is now the second most successful network/platform in terms of Emmy nominations, leaving behind TV heavyweights such as NBC, ABC and CBS. When the company earned its first nominations in 2013, it went into the award show as a dark horse and ended up winning three awards for “House of Cards”. Over the past four years however, Netflix has established itself as a household name for quality content, so when the Emmy Awards are given out later this year, the company will no longer be seated at the kid’s table.

source: statista


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