New app designed by Greek student “translates” the cry of a baby!

The group claims its app uses algorithms to make sense out of babies’ cries

If you asked young parents what they would really value in relation to rearing their children, they would most likely respond find a way to understand what their babies wanted when they were crying.
Surprisingly, this obstacle might be overcome, at least according to a group of university students from Greece.
Iason Hatzikostas and his colleagues claim to have invented an app capable of “translating” the cry of a baby into intelligible language for parents.
The investors say the app, called iCry2Talk, uses algorithms to convert the sounds of a crying baby into a “language” that can be comprehended by people. The group will represent Greece in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) to be held in China next April.

The GSEA competition concerns students who are simultaneously entrepreneurs and have established their own businesses. As stated in a relevant announcement, the competition offers the unique opportunity for students to present their businesses and to exchange ideas with like-minded individuals, as well as aiding people to create a network via the Greek branch of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO).
The GSEA supports 1,700 business- students from 60 countries.
The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) was founded in 1987 and is the world’s most powerful network for and for entrepreneurs. With 12,000 business members and 160 outposts in 50 countries around the world, it plays a catalytic role in the growth of businesses and its members.