New book reveals the sunken treasures of the Greek seas

In Greece, all shipwrecks which occurred over fifty years in the past have been designated as “historic and protected”


A new book released recently documents hundreds of shipwrecks in Greek waters from 1830 to the mid of the 20th century.

Hellenic Navy Commander Panagiotis Tripontikias, the author of the book “Shipwrecks in the Greek Seas 1830 – 1951” says that Greece contains an incredible – and largely uncharted – wealth from countless shipwrecks which lie beneath its waters.

According to the Athens News Agency (AMNA), Tripontikias said that 1.061 ships had sunk in Greek waters just during World War II alone, while little has been done to properly record these wrecks. The naval commander noted that his book could serve as a resource for exploring this “sunken treasure”.

“Research shows some very good examples of how, for example, the US Navy manages its own shipwrecks. In the US, there are about 2.500 shipwrecks of warships alone, and 14.000 aircraft”, he said, noting that the US Navy has founded its own separate Naval History and Heritage command.

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