Ocasio-Cortez compares raising children to dog breeding (video)

“Further proof that elections have consequences”

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) compared paid family leave to dog breeding on Twitter and in congressional hearings on Tuesday, claiming that dogs are granted more time with their puppies than parents are given with their newborn babies.

Seattle-based radio host Jason Rantz highlighted a video clip on Twitter of Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks during a House Oversight Committee hearing on Tuesday, writing: “Thinking she’s being clever at a House Oversight Committee, AOC makes a bizarre comparison between dog breeding and raising children, appears to suggest that dogs are given rights to raise their puppies for a certain length of time. Uhmm…?”

In the video, Ocasio-Cortez says, “Um, do we know how long puppies are allowed to stay with their mothers after a dog has given birth?”

“Uh, eight weeks,” Ocasio-Cortez said with an attitude. “So, the market has decided that women and people who give birth deserve less time with their children than a dog and I think that that at its core has shown that the market has failed to treat people with dignity and with basic respect.”

“And so when that happens, I think it’s our job as the public to redefine the rules of society and to peep, and to treat people who give birth with the dignity that they deserve,” Ocasio-Cortez concluded.

On Twitter, Ocasio-Cortez continued to suggest that dog breeding was somehow on the same-level as people raising children in society, writing, “Puppies aren’t separated from their moms until ~8 weeks. Less than that is thought of as harmful or abusive. One of the most common lengths of US paid family leave is ~6 weeks. So yes, when we ‘let the market decide’ on parental leave, ‘the market’ treats people worse than dogs.”

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