Oh, no! Have you been posting Christmas photos on social media? (pics)

How many of these mistakes did you make this Christmas?

Those Christmas pics are hard to resist posting… especially bearing in mind that everybody seems to be doing this. There are reasons however as to why you should not be advertising your Christmas moments on Facebook and other social media.

1. Leaving home for Christmas

Police have often warned that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can heighten the risk of getting your home burgled. Even so, it’s tempting to letting friends and loved ones what a great time you’re having away from home.



 2. Location data is a useful tool… for thieves!
If you’re sharing a delicious Christmas dinner at a friend’s house and post a pic with the specific location then you are revealing that your house is unattended.

American Christmas Lunch or Thanksgiving.

Criminals in the past have been able to determine where victims live based on the geotagging of their photos.
3. Have you advertised that you are worth robbing?
Bragging on social media gives prospective burglars an idea of what they can scoop from your house. Furthermore, jewelry, shoots with cars and expensive holiday vacations also give burglars an idea of what you are worth!
4. Are you home alone?
Saying so on Facebook is a no-no. A simple status about spending Christmas alone at home or complaining about that landlord who hasn’t fixed the broken locks in your home are not as innocent as you may think!
5. The internet knows what you’re doing
In 2012, then 18-year-old web designer Callum Haywood sorted facebook data in columns based on statuses and posts from people around the world with columns titled “Who wants to get fired?” “Who is taking drugs?” etc. The website was created to raise awareness as the very people publishing the info were the ones who would not want the info public!
WeKnowWhatYoureDoing.com highlighted the danger of publishing public posts on Facebook
6. Causing problems to others…
Just because you may enjoy sharing photos of yourself surrounded by friends or enjoying drinks doesn’t mean that your other friends want to be identified! Always spend time to consider the privacy of people identified in your social media update.
7. Causing problems for yourself…
It is very tempting for people to post embarrassing photos of themselves without really thinking of the consequences that this can have on their personal and professional lives… not ot mention the law!
8. Not too much info about your kids
Imagine that cute little elf’s photo falling into the hands of paedophiles! Don’t post photos of the school play with the school’s insignia or uniform emblazoned on their chest. Also refrain from posting your kids personal moments such as potty time!