Old man has public sex in broad daylight in parking lot in Kalambaka

The couple were forced to leave when they were getting too loud

Never mind the strict Covid-19 lockdown measures enforced to protect mainly the elderly folks and the subsequent mini heatwave that hit Greece after the measures started to be gradually relaxed.

A retiree male from Kalambaka could not contain his sexual urges and was caught having intercourse with his illegitimate female partner in a parking lot on Wednesday.

Unrestrained, and completely indifferent to the eyes of passers-by, the overaged “sex-machine”, who is reportedly a well-known member of the small community, was romping his female partner in the car despite the high temperatures.

According to the local news site tameteora.gr, the whole heated encounter happened at 10:00am, drawing, as expected some attention and surprised gazes by those going about their business.

Some tried to ignore the incident at first, but eventually others started protesting as the “mingling” got too intense and loud reminiscent of a porn scene, as the site points out.

The commotion and protests caused the illegitimate couple to quickly get dressed and leave the parking lot.