Olga Gerovasili tells Reuters new government will implement 3rd program

Gerovasili says it is the start of a hard battle

Former SYRIZA-ANEL government spokesperson Olga Gerovasili speaking to Reuters said the new SYRIZA-ANEL government formed after the September 20 elections would implement the harsh terms of the 3rd rescue plan Greece agreed to with its international creditors. “The government will continue its tough negotiations with its lenders being aware that it is just the start of a battle”, she underlined. She went on to say that it would be a government with a 4-year term with a strong parliamentary majority that would implement the program it promised”, said Gerovasili. The SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government came to office on a strong anti-austerity platform in the January 25 elections, but were forced to sign the harshest austerity program to date mid-July.