One dead in shootout in Athens

One person is in critical condition

One person was killed and three injured in a shootout in Athens on Monday afternoon. One of the wounded is reportedly in critical condition.

The bloody incident involved foreigners – most likely Albanians – and took place in the area of Agios Sostis, while large police forces have arrived on the scene.

According to initial reports, an altercation broke out between a group of foreigners which quickly escalated into a shootout. One of the individuals involved allegedly tried to find shelter in a nearby cafe in Agios Sostis Square where he was shot, and according to the same sources was killed.

The victim is reportedly the father of one of the young people who were attacked by the other group, while the one in serious condition is reportedly his son, 25.

Police are searching for a vehicle with which gunmen who took part in the bloody clash allegedly fled the scene. Sources state that the deadly conflict took place over financial disputes.