Over 100 immigrants for a third day in a row arrive in the Greek islands cause concern

The fears are being confirmed…


The Greek authorities in the Eastern Aegean islands feared that the number of migrants arriving from the Turkish coasts will increase as the weather improves during the summer months and it seems that the facts confirm their fears as the number of illegal immigrants and refugees arriving from the Turkish coasts have increased in the past few days.

For three consecutive days the number of immigrants arriving in the islands is a three digits one, while in the same time Ankara has repeatedly threatened to lift the agreement with the European Union on refugee status.

More specifically:

– On Friday, 145 people (58 in Lesvos, 39 in Chios and 48 in Samos)

– On Thursday, 151 people (54 in Lesvos, 74 in Chios and 23 in Kos and the other islands)

– On Wednesday, 146 people (103 in Lesbos and 43 in Pharmakonisi)

According to government sources, all over the country, there are 62.258 refugees and illegal immigrants.