Pan-Macedonian Confederation files lawsuit against Prespes Agreement

The suit says suspicions of bribery should be looked into

The Pan-Macedonian Confederation filed a lawsuit against all parties deemed responsible or involved with the Prespes Agreement.

The group’s president, Ioannis Athanasiadis submitted the official suit in person to the Chief Prosecutor’s office of the Supreme Court on Thursday evening.
The lawsuit requests that Greek justice investigates whether the crimes of passive and active bribery of politicians, as well as money laundering, have been committed in the course of the negotiations on the Prespes Agreement.

The lawsuit makes reference to revelations made by then Defence Minister Panos Kammenos during the cabinet meeting of November 20, 2018, according to which billionaire George Soros had funded the Greek Government with 50m euros with the intention of buying out politicians in both Greece and FYROM to sway them in favour of the Prespes Agreement.
The lawsuit also underlined statements made by former Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias on Crete TV and OPEN TV on the matter.