Pan-Macedonian unions: Foreign Minister Kotzias is disgracing Greeks

Unions call on Minister Kotzias to cease talks with FYROM immediately

Pan-Macedonian unions across the globe sent a letter to Greek Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nikos Kotzias calling for the immediate cessation of negotiations with FYROM on the name dispute.

“It is clear that the negotiations with FYROM have reached a dead end,” they note in their statement and stress that “there is no reason for you [Kotzias] to humiliatingly beg for the continuation of the negotiations when you have already made painful and unhistoric concessions by accepting a compound name containing the term Macedonia “.

“Negotiations must be halted at this point, and you must stop disgrace the dignity of Greeks around the world, with your submissiveness and insistence on giving the name of Macedonia to the slaves of FYROM,” the letter says.