Parliament: 154 voted in favor of the draft law with the prerequisites of the 3rd evaluation

DISY & Potami asked for a roll-call vote


With 154 voting “yes” from the members of SYRIZA, ANEL and the independent Theodora Megalomikonomou, the draft law with the prerequisites of the third evaluation was approved in principle. The bill includes the reduction of family allowances for large families, the regulation of the right to strike and the liberalization of electronic auctions even for debts to the State.

SYRIZA MP, Yiannis Michealogiannakis, said he voted against article 377 on casinos, but his vote was not counted as this provision was not put in a roll-call procedure.

The MPs that were absent are: Sofia Voultepsi (ND), Anna-Michel Assimakopoulou (ND), Andreas Loverdos (DISY) and Spyros Danellis (Potami). Finally, the independent MP Dimitris Karras also voted in favor of the proposal for a roll-call vote by DISY and Potami.