People can change sexual identity based on “feelings”, in new bill submitted in Greek parliamnt

Controversial bill discussed in Parliament

The bill for the legal recognition of a change in gender identity without the obligation by interested parties to present any medical certificates was submitted in Greek parliament. The new bill, which will likely casues some backlash, provides that a person who has gender dysphoria, or “feels” his registered sexual identity at birth does not correspond to his inner self will be able to change his gender through a simple legal action.
The Bill on the Legal Recognition of Gender Identity and the National Mechanism for the Development, Monitoring and Evaluation of Action Plans for the Rights of the Child was tabled in Parliament.

Provisions in the bill stipulate that a person has the right to recognize his gender identity as an element of his personality.

In the bill is states that ‘gender identity is defined as the esoteric way a person experiences their sex, regardless of the sex registered at birth on the basis of their biological characteristics, it also includes the personal sense of the individual’s body, as well and the social and external expression of gender, which correspond to the will of the person.”