Photo of black antiracist activist goes viral on internet

She stood in front of extreme right march

A powerful image of a black female antiracist activist standing up to nearly 200 neo-Nazis in Borlange, Sweden has gone viral over the internet since May 1. The photo shows Tess Asplund, a resident of Stockholm, with a clinched fist in the air before members of extreme right group ‘Nordic Resistance Movement’, who were demonstrating in a central street. ‘They shouldn’t have been allowed to march in the city. They are Nazis’, Asplund told British newspaper ‘Independent’. She went to say they were spreading hatred and wanted a land full of whites. ‘If they take control of the country they will throw me out’, she said. Asplund expressed her shock at the large number of participants in the extreme right march. The Swedish Social democratic party, along with the left party and NGO ‘Dalarna Against Racism’ also took part in antiracist demonstrations with far less people. She said that her action to jump right in front of the extreme tight group was an action that came instinctively. ‘I was very frustrated. I just jumped out in front of them’, she said.