Piraeus refugee camp similar to a slum! (photos)

Situation becoming permanent

Two weeks have elapsed since Easter, the time frame the Greek government had set for the refugees at the port of Piraeus to be relocated to organised hotspots across Greece, and the living conditions have not improved at all. The 2,000 refugees and illegal migrants are still living in squalid conditions surrounded by rubbish. Although the number of refugees staying at the port has dwindled, hundreds of tents are still present at the E1 pier and the stone warehouse, where the amount of rubbish is piling up, despite the efforts of crews responsible for their collection. Protothema.gr visited the area and captured the shocking conditions under which people are living, with children playing and walking in dirty puddles, hundreds of refugees packed in the stone warehouse, where a stench permeates the building. The few chemical toilettes often overflow with human waste as they cannot cover the needs of so many people. The three water taps installed to help the refugees wash their clothes are insufficient, while the images of impromptu clotheslines over tents are reminiscent of Brazilian or Indian slums. At the E1 pier mothers try to protect their children who are playing close to traffic lanes, while many refugees, realising they will be staying there on a permanent basis, have connected tents together creating a more ‘comfortable’ and ‘secure’ sense for their families.