PM Mitsotakis sends message to Turkey that it should do its part on the migration issue

The Greek PM addressed the EPP Congress in Zagreb

PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis sent a clear message to Ankara about the immigration issue, hours after he was attacked by the Turkish ministry, during a speach at the Euroepan Pepoples Party (EPP) Congress in Zagreb Thursday.

Mr Mitsotakis stressed that Turkey must respect the agreement with the EU, adding that Turkey hd to do more to fulfill its part.

“The recent large increase in the number of migrants crossing the Aegean is unacceptable. It is also, unfortunately, indicative of the fact that immigration is also used as a tool of international pressure,” the Greek PM said during his address.

Mitsotakis also criticised the stance of some European countries on the issue, underlining that it posed one of the many challenges facing the new Commission and the new European Parliament.

“Europe can no longer pretend that this issue only affects Member States that have external borders. The Dublin System is now pitifully inadequate to deal with the problem,” he said, adding that the first host nations should not have to bear the burden of migration pressures on their own.”