PM Tsipras announces benefits starting from a meagre € 250 for households

Which families are eligible

The government will distribute a total of 1.4 billion euros in one-off welfare benefits. more than double that paid out last year (600 million euros), which was made possible by the economy’s outperformance, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a televised address on Monday night. The Greek PM attempted to appease the middle class, as he announced the distribution of financial benefits for various beneficiaries, without, however, waiting for the consent of Greece’s creditors.
The social groups eligible for the benefit are the unemployed, the young and low-income pensioners and will depend on income, assets and family situation. The income criteria are for single-person households with an income level of up to € 9,000 and multi-person up to € 18,000. Income limits are increased by 50% for each additional adult and by 25% for each child. Those with the maximum value of their property reaching, but not exceeding 180,000 euros will also be beneficiaries of the benefits.

Out of the total amount, the 720 million euros will be distributed as an untaxed aid and the relevant bill will be tabled in parliament in coming days. The benefit will be paid out to beneficiaries in December, the prime minister said. Based on the Greek PM’s announcements the following are eligible for benefits:

For families with two children,

– an income of € 6,000 per year, will receive € 900,

-for an income of € 12,000, the aid will be € 700 and

-for an income of € 18,000, the aid will amount to € 500.

For a childless couple,

-for an income of € 4,500, the aid will be € 675,

– for an income of € 9,000, the aid will be € 525

-and for an income of € 13,500, the aid amounts to € 375.

While for single-person households,

-for those with an annual income of € 3,000, a grant of € 450 is given

-for income € 6,000, € 350

-and for an income of € 9,000, the aid will be € 250.