Police arrest 10 in “Hollywood-like” drug raid on club in Athens

The raids will continue, a source says

In a raid on a well-known club in the Gazi area in Athens called “Stream”, reminiscent of a Hollywood movie, the Greek police vice, and narcotics squad arrested 10 people in search of illegal substances on Saturday night.

After the search operation, the officers located quantities of illegal substances, while a source knowledgeable of the situation said similar operations at bars and night clubs would continue in a concerted effort to combat drug use and trafficking.

The incident was posted by the club’s quest dj on his Facebook page, who dubbed it a “hostage and terrorist situation” perpetrated by the state. He described the situation of 100s of club-goers people being forced on their knees held at gunpoint by the special police squad for an hour.

“A blatant assault on the freedom of expression of personal dignity aimed against the alternative field of electronic music”, he wrote on his page.