Popular singer Haris Alexiou announces her retirement in heartfelt interview

The iconic artist said her voice was not what it used to be

Iconic Greek singer Haris Alexiou said she had decided to stop singing in a heartfelt confession during an interview on the TV show “Katallili Ora”.

The massively popular singer, who is considered one of the most successful and beloved artists in Greece with commercial success since 1970 justified her decision by saying she felt she could not do it well anymore.

Haris Alexiou opened her heart on TV and in a disarmingly sincere manner dropped the bomb at the stunned hostess. The great singer explained she was dealing with some voice problems that were persisting.

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“I have completely departed from singing. I can’t sing like I used to. And I will not continue doing it if I cannot do it well. You will soon hear me in a song with Jasmine, a duet we did together that I have written the lyrics in Greek and she the music and the lyrics in Spanish. I recorded it last summer. It’s a ballad that I could sing, but my voice is simply not responding anymore and I said it’s better to stop. It is not right.”

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