President Macron’s close aides hope wife Brigitte dies for his image, biography claims

The image of a “grieving widower” would boost his popularity

French President Emmanuel Macron’s most loyal advisors would like to see his first lady die so that he can project himself as a ‘grieving widower’, a new biography claims.
The macabre suggestion is contained in ‘Madam President’, a book that portrays Brigitte Macron as a manipulative wife who pushed her far younger husband to become head of state.
Ms Macron, 65, has particularly annoyed members of the inner circle of advisors who also ‘love’ Mr Macron, 41.
‘They dream that she dies,’ a source who is close to the couple tells the authors, saying Mr Macron would be more successful alone.
‘For them, this grieving widower would be wonderful. They are in love with him. At night, they dream of making her disappear.’
The book is by respected political journalists Ava Djamshidi and Nathalie Schuck, who work for the Parisien newspaper.

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