Prespes debate: Mitsotakis blasts Tsipras and government over deal

He called the deal and the procedure a disgrace for the parliamentary tradition

Major opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis blasted the Greek government and PM Alexis Tsipras in his speech from the podium during the debate on the Prespes Agreement ratification.

Mr Mitsotakis adopted aggressive rhetoric accusing the Greek PM of “ignoring the patriotic sensitivities of millions of Greeks. He (Tsipras) abandoned a sound foreign policy for decades. He is using the national matter as a tool to serve petty political aims. And, in order to achieve his goal, he is even buying off the conscience of members”.

The leader of ND dubbed the machinations and lack of transparency on the part of the government related to the deal a “national and parliamentary disgrace”.
Mr Mitsotakis dared the PM to admit that the deal meats a “Macedonian” language would be used from now on.